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Gramfeed was an Instagram Search and Viewer for the desktop started in early 2011. For five years Gramfeed enabled over 10 million users to experience Instagram on the web. In June of 2016, Gramfeed was transitioned to Picodash to comply with the new Instagram Platform policy and is now reviewed/approved by Instagram.

Picodash is now focused providing advanced Instagram Search and Social Media Management functionality to help Journalists, Researchers, Publisher and Brands to curate and manage Instagram content.


Get the instagram data you need
Get any Instagram account's followers or following list
Hashtag based audience
Get users who posted Instagram with an #hashtag
Location based audience
Get people who posted at a specific city or venue
POST Engagement
Get users who commented or liked on specific Instagram post
Common Audience
Get list of users who follow the same accounts
Follower Engagement
Get list of your followers who are liking your posts or not
Tagged a user
Get list of users who tagged a user in their post
Stories and Highlights
Download any accounts Stories or Highlighted Stories
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