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As of June 1st 2016, Gramfeed will no longer function.
To conform with the Instagram API Platform changes, gramfeed had to be transitioned to a new service called Picodash and is focused on providing the search and social media management functionality to brands, publishers and journalists.


Q & A:

Why did the name change?
To conform with the Instagram API Policy, Instagram based apps cannot have the word "insta" or "gram" in the name. So we changed to picodash.

Does Picodash have all features that gramfeed had?
Most of the features that worked in gramfeed works in picodash and the user-interface is similar to gramfeed. Some of the Instagram APIs are no longer supported, the features that dont work are the feed, popular and following/follower lists. Here is feature comparison of gramfeed and picodash

Is Picodash free to access?
No, to conform with the new Instagram platform policy, 3rd-party apps can no longer give access to Instagram public content to general users and should be targeted to brands and publishers to solve a Instagram approved use case.

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